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Disney Hong Kong selects Rotofast for Space Mountain Ride

Rotofast Secures Space Mountain Acoustics

Rotofast Acoustical Panel Anchors have been chosen as the preferred fastening system for the acoustics in the Space Mountain Ride at the new Hong Kong Disneyland.

"Shimizu Construction of Japan was looking for a new and more secure system of fastening acoustical panels in a high vibration environment.” said Rotofast Vice-President Mike MacPherson. “Rotofast was selected because it speeds up installation and eliminates the need for two part metal clip systems. The demanding environment of a roller coaster ride requires a one-part fastening system that would not rattle in a setting where vibration is constant.

Rotofast makes acoustical panel installation really quick, the panels are secure and, because the clips aren’t factory installed, you can make adjustments on the jobsite to accommodate unexpected changes in wall and ceiling structures.

The Space Mountain Ride at Hong Kong Disneyland is scheduled to open in 2005.

Rotofast is being adopted in the acoustical industry as a standard system to install ceiling and wall panels, baffles and other specialty products such home theatre acoustics. MacPherson says that the company is continually working on innovations in acoustical treatments and fastening systems.

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