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          All the Benefits ... none of the problems.

Rotofast was designed to eliminate the problems associated with other panel fastening methods.

A lot of thought has gone into the design of the Rotofast Panel Anchor System, and a lot of input from panel installers and manufacturers has helped make it the unique fastening system that it is.

Compare the Benefits of Rotofast Panel Anchors
  Rotofast Z-Clips Impaling Clips Hook & Loop Splines Adhesive Magnets
High Strength X X          
No added support X X     X    
No adhesives X X   X X   X
Fast installation X   X X   X X
Ceiling applications X X          
After market/ independent X   X        
Easily removable X X   X     X
No Reveal X   X X   X X
Installation Cost Estimate (60 panels - 4'x4'x2") $998 $1,578 $1,400        

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