Key Features

Rotofast Key Features

  • Millions of Rotofast anchors are hard at work securely holding up acoustical panels all over the globe.
  • Rotofast Anchors are independently installed on site, provide maximum flexibility and are a simple cost effective solution.
  • Rotofast Anchors are easy to install, easy to teach other to install and quick and efficient to use.
  • Rotofast Anchors are all you need for a panel job; no glue!
  • Rotofast's Technical Support Group Lead is an installer with 30 years experience in the acoustical panel business. Ask us anything...

Product Specifications

  • Rotofast Anchors can be used to fasten 6lb/ft3 rigid fiberglass core acoustical panels to any substrate.
  • Rotofast anchors are used to install panels in a range of dimensions up to 4" thick.
  • Rotofast Anchors are made from stabilized polyproplyene plastic which is strong and non-reactive; will not chemically react with fiberglass binders.
  • Rotofast anchors are 2" in dimension, giving each anchor a large surface area and high pull-out strength.

Rotofast Anchor – Strength Testing

  • Rotofast Panel Anchors have been load tested on representative samples of the major fiberglass board manufacturers: CertainTeed, Johns Manville, Knauf and Owens Corning.
  • Fiberglass board from these manufacturers is typically 6-7lb/ft3 and is used in most fabric covered acoustical panels.
  • Density and quality of the acoustical panel core will directly affect pull out strength.
  • Pull out target strength of 45 lbs achieved in 6-7 lb/ft3 board insulation.
  • Failure type: tearing and delamination of fiberglass material.

*All steps were taken to ensure random sampling of panel board, but on-site conditions and fiberglass density must always be taken into consideration and verified when panels are installed.

EZ anchors or hollow wall anchors are typically used to install Rotofast Snap-On Anchors. Load bearing for hollow wall anchors is dependent on manufacturer’s specifications and substrate conditions.